Friday, May 21, 2010

Race Time Again 5/22/2010

Apologies that this blog has been inactive for 5 months. If anyone still reads it....CHECK THIS OUT!!

WHAT: Business Casualleycat: a business-casual themed alleycat
22 May 2010
WHERE: 6PM Freedom Plaza (13th & Pennsylvnia Ave)

We've got over $2000 in prizes to give away in categories such as First Fixed Gear, First Free-Wheel and First Female.
There are also Skid, Trackstand and Footdown Competitions before and after the race.

But wait, there's MORE! - Secret mini challenges throughout the course!
...With prizes all their own!

More information/comments/questions/applause/juicy secrets or to just give us a shout -- please check out our blog:
(we've been posting all the prizes there too, so come drool over it all with the rest of us!)

Thanks and we'll see YOU on race day!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bicycle Film Festival

Sorry to be so late on this.
The BFF is in DC this Saturday (BFF:DC)
There is also a RACE!!!
1:30 meet 2:00 start
@ Bicycle Stations 2204 14th St. NW
The finish is supposedly coinciding with the beginning of the film festival
See you there!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Alley Cat Tomorrow (Saturday) : Race For The Golden Copy Box

2:30 Registration
3:15 Start
@ Logan Circle 
$5 to race, support the BMEF, win cool prizes,  AND HAVE FUN


A week ago this morning I was in a little accident that tore my hands up - so I haven't been typing much.  A driver aggressively passed me in my lane only to slow down for other traffic moments later.  When I squeezed next to him to keep momentum - into a space that was a bike lane a block before - he drifted into me, sending me to the pavement. 

This was most likely an accident on the driver's part.  I doubt he intended to use his vehicle as a weapon as he stopped to make sure I was okay.  However, drivers will subconsciously and consciously  use their vehicles to block cyclists from splitting lanes.  Drivers must remember that cars are potentially deadly objects that must be operated with reverence for the power of mass at high speed.  Aggressive use of a motorized vehicle as a weapon is never permissible - motorists can be reminded of this through reprimand mucus directed through their unrolled windows.   

This blog will no longer exclusively be a race information hosting venue.  I intend to post articles and research dealing with cycling awareness, sharing road space, and transportation geography.  I was lucky last week.  I hope we can all work together to raise awareness for cycling in DC and to improve general riding conditions.   

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Race Updates

Trick-or-Treat Race
Thursday October, 29
6:30 registration, 7:15 start @ Washington Circle

3 Graveyard Checkpoints:
- Congressional
- National
- Oak Hill

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fliers Out There

If you found a flier for the Trick-or-Treat Race and are now here, welcome!
Thursday October, 29
6:30 registration, 7:15 start @ Washington Circle

Further race details coming soon.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back At It

We're holding a Trick or Treat Scavenger Race
Thursday October, 29

7:15 PM start
Graveyard Checkpoints
Ghoulish Tasks
Fliers Coming Soon